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A Taste For Film‘ at the Riding Mountain National Park Film Festival will be a unique experience for people to watch a movie a unique food and then eat a dish related to the movie.

The movie that we will be screening at A Taste For Film is called Fermented.

Guests to this event will have an opportunity to watch a one of a kind film and eat a selection of chef prepared plates that relate to the film.

In the feature-length documentary FERMENTED, author and chef Edward Lee goes on a journey to understand how the ancient process of fermentation is used in modern cuisine both at home and abroad. The culinary world has labeled fermentation as the hottest food trend at the moment, and this film stands as point of entry into the deep dark world of beautiful rot, and what it means to humankind.

Chef Tim Taylor will prepare a culinary experience that dives into Fermentation, what it means and how it has changed the way we as a society consume food.

Tickets are $30 and available at Friends of Park 146 Ta-Wa-Pit Drive near the Trading Post starting July 8th.

Rhubarb and Bohosoul Market Kombucha Cocktail

Walleye Tacos and Kimchi Potato Salad. Accompanied with Fermented Salsa, Curtido, and Seasonal Garnishes.

Cherry Sourdough Bread Pudding with Miso Caramel and Frozen Yoghurt