Confirmed Movies

Highway 45
16 years after two RCMP officers are brutally gunned down in Russell, Manitoba, the impact of one officers death is shared by his partner, family and friends.



Journey to York Factory
york factoryExploring journeys to the historic site of York Factory, where the Hayes River empties into Hudson’s Bay.

The names of those working for the HBC for over 270 years still haunt the walls.

When the HBC abandoned the depot in 1957, First Nation’s communities were relocated inland, but they still call it home.

York Factory continues to draw people year after year for gatherings and pilgrimages to this unique and fragile Canadian treasure.



Mocassin Stories

Moccasins are more than footwear. They have the power to show us who we are. This Manitoba documentary follows the stories and lives of Indigenous Women and demonstrates the important role Moccasins have played in their lives.




Indictment: The Crimes of Shelly Chartier is the story of a reclusive young woman from a small Manitoba First Nation who made international headlines.

Now referred to as the ‘Ghost of Easterville,’ Chartier catfished NBA player Chris ‘Birdman’ Andersen and an Instagram star in scheme that nearly ruined Andersen’s career.

This is the true crime story of why, and how, Chartier ran this elaborate scheme from her computer in remote Manitoba.



Wheat City Hardcore

Brandon, Manitoba may not stand out on the nations musical map, but for independent musicians touring Canada in the 1990’s, the Wheat City was a punk rock hotbed.

With the twentieth anniversary of their bands inception approaching, four friends decide to pay tribute to the scene they helped create and reunite for one last show.



The Ghosts of Whitewater Lake

From 1943-45 the Whitewater Lake Prisoner of War camp was home to 440 German prisoners.

In a forest prison with no walls where could they go?



The Apprenticeship of Rafael Coco

Master Tailor Pat Cocco worked long and hard to earn his reputation as one of the best in the business, so it’s not hard to imagine he expects the same precision from his protégé, Raffael… who also happens to be his son.



Under The Radar

In the frontier days of the digital revolution, a team of Canadian engineers raced against NASA to be the first to design a computer processor that could transform satellite radar data into images of the earth’s surface.